Corset Collection

The feminine garment with the longest history of eroticism is the corset.

The main purpose of it has been to diminish the size of the waist and emphasize the contours of the breast, thus provoking and adding to sexual attraction. in the periods when men wore corsets the shapely waist the garment produced emphasized the breadth of the male shoulder line. This was observed then documented by Dr Willett and Phillis Cunningtom in “The History of Underclothes.

In the “English Womans Domestic Magazine” of 1870 a reader reported that she was never happier than when she was “viewing her undulations produced by her corset” Another reader reported that tight lacing produced delicious sensations, showing that corsets give erotic feelings to the wearer as well as to the viewer.

Corset back


Having been married for twelve years communication had degenerated to routine household or employment chat and news.  She knew he must be dissatisfied she certainly missed the closeness of sharing hopes and dreams with him yet despite their years together neither of them knew how to approach the subject. The plain facts were that their sex life needed to be enhanced.

She often fantasised about wearing a tight-laced corset, being restricted in a way that she would have to be subservient to the demands and desires of her husband who she trusted implicitly

His Birthday was coming soon so she decided to go shopping. She purchased certain items that were parcelled them up as a present for him. This would then give her the means to disclose her fantasies with him.

The Birthday arrived, with great excitement and fear she gave him his gift and urged him to guess what might be inside, wondering how he would respond. His face looked vexed when he opened it and saw the contents. He laid out the handcuffs, the soft leather dog collar with a leash attached and a soft black leather boned corset.

“Good grief,” he gasped blushing he asked. “Are you expecting me to wear these?”

“No” she replies. They are for you to fit on me.”

“A smile crept onto his face,”  “Mmmmm I love the idea of the corset. But the collar, lead and handcuffs?

Blushing, she shared her fantasy. “I sometimes dream of being laced up tightly in a corset by you whilst being restricted by the collar and handcuffs. As a woman I was embarrassed to suggest this, after all I thought it was only men that initiated such desires …So there!  – I’ve have finally told you my fantasy. I’ve been dreading telling you because you might think me ridiculous, laugh and embarrass me.”

He held her close, “I’d never laugh at your desires,” he said. “I love the idea of my wife wanting to present herself in a sexy corset to be under my control. I’ll tell you a secret I also have fantasies but never considered the day would come when you would want to wear a corset let alone hear about them.  Come… let’s go upstairs we have a birthday to celebrate ….


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